How Does a Winegard RV Antenna Booster Work?

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Winegard antennas amplify TV signals so that RVers camping in remote areas can receive TV reception. All Winegard TV and satellite antennas include a built-in signal booster. The antennas work with all models of color or black and white TVs.


Winegard RV antenna boosters require electricity to operate. The RV must be hooked up to a land source of electricity or a generator, or the RV battery should be used.

System Overview

When the power supply to the RV is turned on, current runs from the power source, up the cable and to the antenna. The voltage from the power supply runs to the transistors in the antenna head assembly and the transistors become energized. The energized transistors send the TV signal from the antenna to the TV.


A Winegard RV antenna booster enables better reception of VHF and UHF TV channels by making the signal stronger. The antenna is omnidirectional, meaning that it receives signals from multiple directions at the same time. According to the Winegard technical manual, the RoadStar TV antenna with built-in signal booster amplifies VHF signals up to six times their received strength and UHF signals up to nine times their received strength.


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