How to Wind Fishing Line Onto a Reel

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There is a certain thrill to hooking, fighting and landing a fish. And that is exactly what most people picture when they think about fishing. But there is a lot that goes into getting to that point. Winding fishing line onto a reel is one of the most important steps, since it is the link between angler and quarry.

Put the fishing reel onto a fishing rod. Having rod and reel attached simplifies the process.

Select a new spool of line and remove the sticker that affixes the line to the spool.

Grab the end of the fishing line and thread it through the tip of the fishing rod and then through each of the guides on the rod.

Flip open the bail if you are spooling line onto a spinning reel. If you are spooling a baitcasting reel, put the line through the line guide at the front of the reel. If you are spooling a spincast reel, remove the face of the reel by turning it counterclockwise and then thread the line through the line guide.

Guide the line around the spool of the reel. Wrap it around twice, and then tie a knot so the line is flat and tight against the spool. Cut any extra line above the knot.

Close the bail, if you are using a spinning reel. If you are using a spincast reel, put the reel's face back onto the reel by turning it clockwise. For all reels, turn the reel handle clockwise to wind the line onto the reel. Continue to do so until the line is about 1/8-inch below the rim of the reel spool.

Use scissors to cut the line between the end of the rod and the spool of line. There should be about one foot of line hanging from the tip of your rod.


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