What Is the Trigger Pull on the SW9VE?

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The Smith and Wesson Sigma, model SW9VE, is a large-frame automatic pistol featuring a stainless steel slide and barrel and comfortable polymer grip. Available in 9mm and .40 caliber, it is favored by law enforcement and the military for its reliability, safety and consistent trigger pull.

Standard Trigger Pull

The trigger pull of the Sigma as measured by one gunsmith and reviewer of the pistol is 9.1 pounds. Other owners of the gun have reported trigger pulls consistently in the 8- to 12-pound range. This is considered slightly high; by comparison, the Glock Model 19, a similar weapon, has a 5.2-pound trigger pull.

Advantages of Higher Trigger Pull

The Sigma is a double-action-only firearm, meaning the striker goes from a full rest to a fully cocked position, then a release to fire the pistol, with each pull of the trigger. The striker does not rest at a half-cock position (as does the Glock). The high trigger pull is considered a safety factor to prevent accidental firing.

Trigger Pull Modifications

The Sigma trigger pull can be reduced by replacing the striker spring with a lighter version. This is suitable for competition use, but the retailer of the lighter spring states that it should not be used for military or law enforcement use. The lighter spring can result in occasional misfires.

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