What Bait to Use for Trout Fishing

Trout fishing can be a relaxing way to spend a few hours. Trout are also rather easy to catch. In many places, they are raised just to be released in fisheries. You may have plenty of trout in a local lake or pond. Regardless of where you are fishing, there are numerous options when picking your fishing bait. You should have pretty good success using any of the bait listed below when fishing for trout.

Buy a synthetic bait for trout fishing. These baits have a scent that draw trout to it. Most experts agree that Berkley makes the best bait for trout fishing. You can buy them at your local fishing shop or online.

Use live worms as bait for trout fishing. Some fishermen believe that a live worm is actually better than a synthetic bait when fishing for trout. Rig the worm on a hook with two points and cast your line down the current of the stream. You'll grab a trout in no time.

Go with grasshoppers and crickets as bait during the late summer and fall months. These are convenient as you can catch them yourself or purchase them wherever live bait is sold in your area. Whichever way you put a grasshopper or cricket on your hook, a trout will be attracted to the bait.

Find dragonflies and use them as bait. You could collect dragonflies yourself by looking for them near any small pond or stream. Most bait and tackle shops will sell dragonflies as bait although they will be slightly more expensive than other baits.

Experiment with unconventional baits. Trout will go after things such as marshmallows, cheese and even corn kernels. This is especially true if you are fishing in an area where trout are stocked and raised simply for the purpose of fishing. People have even caught trout while using sweetened cereal products.


  • If you're having trouble catching trout, you may very well be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Consider moving to another local area where trout dwell.

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