What to Wear to Hip Hop Class

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Hip-hop classes, often offered by local dance studios and fitness establishments, involve high-energy and high-impact moves. If you are going to your first hip-hop class and are wondering what you should wear, you might be surprised to find that most people don't wear tight-fitting clothes often worn for other types of dance or fitness classes. The main objective is to be as comfortable as possible to do the dance moves.


Choose clothing that is loose-fitting, comfortable and made of soft materials. During your hip-hop class you will be moving your body constantly and will need room to make these dance moves. Choose clothing that fits you well but is not too tight. You want clothing items that allow you to move freely without the need to adjust them. Clothing often worn for hip-hop classes include loose yoga pants, sweats, T-shirts and hoodies.


Shoes worn in hip-hop classes are usually your favorite pair of athletic shoes. You do not want to wear regular tennis shoes as they do not provide enough support for your feet during the more complex dance moves. Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in and that have white soles, as black soles can scuff the dance floor and are most often prohibited. If you are buying a new pair of shoes specifically for your hip-hop class, break them in before class to be sure they are as comfortable as possible.

What to Avoid

While different people will wear different types of clothing in hip-hop classes, there are some guidelines you should follow as far as what not to wear. Avoid wearing clothing that is made of itchy or scratchy material or that does not breathe. Don't wear tight or revealing clothing that will make you feel self-conscious and take your mind away from the dance moves. Avoid wearing too much jewelry or accessories, or wear none at all as they will be distracting.

What to Bring

Aside from what to wear during your hip-hop class, you should also be aware of the items that are essential before, during and after class is over. Hip-hop is a high-impact class so you want to be sure to bring extra deodorant to class as well as a change of clothes if you do not plan on going straight home after class. Bring along water or a sports drink to remain hydrated and a snack if you feel you will need it. A towel is also recommended.