How to Wear an Athletic Cup

An athletic cup is an essential piece of protective gear for any active male athlete. The athletic cup should fit properly to offer maximum safety. A protective athletic cup can prevent serious injury, and the athletic cup's high impact material prevents excessive movement. Proper protection allows an athlete to fully participate without fear of injury to the crotch area.

Fit the cup properly. A cup must fit well without being too snug or too loose. The fit should be snug but not restrictive, and the size should match the athlete's body.

Place the cup over a pair of briefs. The cup should fit perfectly within the briefs' front panel. The briefs keep the athletic cup's hard materials from chaffing sensitive skin.

Hold the athletic cup firmly in place using a jockstrap. A jockstrap is only useful if its elastic is not worn out. Buy a few new athletic supporters at the same time as the athletic cup.

Slip on a pair of long underwear beneath the briefs for playing in the winter. Years ago, Joe Namath had a lot of articles written about him when he revealed he wore women's hose, but hosiery can also be used to hold an athletic cup in place.

Wear a cup for all athletic events including practices. An athlete should never go onto the field without the athletic cup.

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