What to Use for a Slip Knot for Fishing Line

by Shaun Juan

Knowing how to tie a slip knot is crucial to any angler. Fish are lost most commonly by novice anglers because of a poorly tied fishing knot. Tying an improved clinch knot is one of the best types of slip knots to use. The strength of this knot is almost 100 percent of your fishing line's poundage rating. This knot can be used for tying your line to your fishing reel, hooks, lures and swivels. Read on to learn the steps to make this type of slip knot.

Double Back

Grab your line and pull it through the eye of the fishing gear you want to rig up. Pull the loose end of the line back down your main line about six inches.

The Twist

Twist the loose end of the line around the main line five times. Pull the loose end of the line through the loop at the top of your twists you have just made.

Another Loop

Look at your main line. You have made another loop underneath the first loop. Pull the loose end through this new loop.

The Slip

Pull the loose end of the line towards your body while pulling the main line away from your body simultaneously. Coils will form and the knot will slip down your line to your gear.


Use clippers or a knife to cut the loose end of line down to a 1/8 of an inch. Your slip knot is now complete.

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