How to Use Slip Bobbers

••• fishing bobbers image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com

Bobbers hold your bait at a predetermined depth when you are fishing in slow-moving bodies of water. Most bobbers use a bottom-mounted clip held in place with a spring to hold the bobber onto your line. These types of bobbers are fixed in position and affect the casting ability of your fishing rod. Slip bobbers have either a hollow center section or a slit on the side that allows your fishing line to slide easily through the bobber. A small piece of line or rubber, referred to as a bobber stop, stops the slip bobber at a predetermined location.

Slide the bobber stop onto your fishing line until you reach the length you want it to stop sliding on to the fishing line.

Secure the bobber stop to the fishing line by following the bobber stop manufacturer's installation instructions.

Slide the plastic bead onto the end of your fishing line, followed by the top of the slip bobber.

Tie the fishing hook to the end of your fishing line with your favorite knot.

Place your bait on the hook and cast your line into the water. If the bait hits bottom before the slip bobber stops sliding, you need to move the bobber stop lower on your line to suspend your bait above the bottom of the fishing area.


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