How to Use Slime Tire Sealant

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Slime sealant is made to go into mountain bike tires and seal up any punctures or rips caused during a rough ride. Slime is a viscous fluid that seeps into punctures, effectively sealing the leak. Using Slime is messy, so wear gloves when filling your tires up with the green goo. Have a bicycle tire pump ready to reinflate the tire as air will leak upon insertion of the Slime.

Remove the black cap from the top of the Slime container. This is the valve core remover tool, so do not discard.

Insert the valve core remover tool into the bicycle tire's air valve. Twist to the left and remove the valve core.

Attach the Slime filler tube, leading from the Slime container, to the bicycle tire air valve.

Squeeze the Slime bottle to the recommendations for your tire, found on the bottle of Slime.

Remove the filler tube. Pinch the tire to check for deflation. If needed, attach the bicycle pump to the tire valve and reinflate. Screw the air valve cap back onto the bicycle tire. Wipe away any excess Slime from the tire.


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