How to Use a Ring Net in Crabbing

Using a ring net to catch crabs is one of the easiest and cheapest methods. A ring net is a simple device consisting of two rings of different sizes connected by netting. The ring net is designed to lie flat at the bottom of the water, making it easy to store as well.

Cut two pieces of rope slightly longer than the diameter of the ring net's top ring. Tie the pieces to the top ring perpendicular to each other so they divide the ring into four equal sections and cross in the middle.

Tie your securing line (the rope you use to lower and raise the net) to the point where the two pieces of rope cross in the middle of the net. This ensures that the ring net stays straight as you maneuver it.

Attach bait to the netting at the bottom of the trap. Find an area of fairly calm water with a sandy or muddy bottom, and lower the ring net all the way down to catch crabs.

Wait for crabs to come eat the bait, and then pull up the trap gently. Pulling on the line raises the top ring to catch the crabs in the netting.


  • You can use any of the traditional crab bait such as turkey neck, bull lip, eel or menhaden.
  • Instead of tying bait directly onto the ring net, you can place bait in a bait bag and tie the bag to the ring net.

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