How to Use a Nemrod Speargun

How to Use a Nemrod Speargun

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Nemrod pneumatic-powered spearguns are no longer manufactured. However, many vintage Nemrods are still used for recreation. The designs are simple. As a result, Nemrods are durable and reliable. A cylinder pumped full of air pressure, a sliding piston, a trigger and a barrel are the principal parts of a Nemrod. You need only pressurize the cylinder once and you can fire the speargun an entire season. In addition, you can determine the amount of pressure your Nemrod's cylinder holds. Loading and firing the weapon is not difficult, but make safety your priority.

Step 1

Slide the spear into the end of the gun. Do not apply any pressure to the piston inside the barrel with the spear. Place your off-hand on the barrel. Place the loading handle over the tip of the spear.

Step 2

Place the butt of the gun -- the handle -- against your thigh or on top of your foot. Where you place the gun is determined by the length of the spear. The butt of the gun has a concave shape that fits nicely between the crook of your hip and your thigh, or your foot and your shin.

Step 3

Hold the gun steady against your body with your off-hand. Begin pulling the spearhead toward your body -- forcing the spear down into the barrel -- with the spear handle. As the spear forces the piston deeper into the cylinder, pressure will mount. Be careful that the spearhead is not pointing toward your body or at another person. Once the spear forces the cylinder past the trigger mechanism, you will hear and feel a click.

Step 4

Release the handle slowly. If the trigger mechanism did not catch, the spear will spring from the barrel if you simply release the handle. Wind the retrieval line up in the spool located in front of the trigger. You do not want slack in the line, so wind it up taught. The gun is loaded and ready to fire.

Step 5

Hold the Nemrod by the barrel with your off-hand. With your strong hand, hold the gun by the handle. Point the speargun at your target. Look down the barrel. When the gun is pointed at the target, slide your finger over the trigger. Slowly pull the trigger. Do not jerk the trigger or you will lift the barrel of the gun and miss your target.

Step 6

Recover your spear by winding in the retrieval line. Remove the fish if you were successful, or reload the gun and try again.

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