How to Use the Multi-Tool

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Multi-tools include various features, knife blades and tools into one self-contained housing. These handy devices pack away into small, rectangular shapes, stored in pouches, pockets or backpacking storage compartments. Depending on the multi-tool, use is determined by the release mechanism and the lock-down function when the particular tool or blade is extended out. Keep the multi-tool's lock mechanism in place when a blade is exposed to prevent unwanted folding or slipping.

Step 1

Press any lock button or sliding lock-mechanism on your multi-tool. Look toward the rear end of the tool for a metal button to press with your thumb or a metal slide that opens the tool.

Step 2

Open the tool as you would open a pair of pliers. If your multi-tool has pliers, look to see if you need to push them out from the housing to gain full use of the tool.

Step 3

Pull out you needed tool from the recessed housing compartment. Look for sliver sized indentations along the edge of the tools where a fingernail slides to gain purchase to pull the tool out.

Step 4

Close the handle of the multi-tool when your desired tool is extended out. Check that the multi-tool's lock mechanism is in place before you use the extended tool.

Step 5

Open the lock mechanism to change tools. Push the extended tool back into the housing and select another. Close the housing and check it is locked.

Step 6

Push the plier function back into the tool, close all extended tools and fold the multi-tool back into the rectangular shape to be stored in the sheath, pouch or pocket.


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