How to Use Mitts to Stop a Dog From Digging

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Dogs dig holes for many reasons. Sometimes they dig out of instinct, and other times they dig out of boredom. Sometimes they see their owners digging in the garden and want to dig too. Whatever the reason, an owner is rarely pleased to see his pooch tearing up the yard. One way to discourage this act is to outfit your pup with dog mitts. These comfortably cover up the feet and claws and prohibit the dog from digging feverishly.

Items you will need

  • Paper

  • Paper towel

  • Pen

  • Measuring tape

Measure your pooch’s paw. Just like a human’s shoe, the wrong size dog mitt can cause great discomfort. Lay a clean piece of paper on the ground to start calculating the size he needs. Hold your pup over the clean sheet of paper and make sure his foot is slightly moist by rubbing a wet paper towel on its pads.

Press the dog's paws down firmly on the paper, one at a time. Then release the pet. Make sure the paw has left a distinguishable print and the foot is recognizable.

Mark the outermost points of the pawprint with a pen. Simply draw a line or make a dot. Take measuring tape and measure the paw crosswise.

Visit a pet store and survey the different types of dog mitts that are available. Some are thin and simply for traction, while others are insulated and provide warmth. Consider your dog’s comfort when choosing. If it is hot outside, you may want to avoid the insulated boots.

Select the proper size for your animal. Mitts normally run from petite (1-1/8 inch across) to extra large (4 inches across).

Slide the mitts on your dog's paws before his next extended visit to your backyard. These mitts will keep him from doing as much damaged as can when he digs with his bare paws.

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