How to Use a Leupold Boresighter

How to Use a Leupold Boresighter

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The Leupold Zero Point Magnetic Illuminated Boresighter is one of the most accurate and efficient rifle sighting systems available today. The device is compact, can accommodate different calibers, has an amber illuminated grid and a 595 nanometer high-efficiency LED. The boresighter uses one-shot-zero technology allowing you to sight in your rifle with only one bullet. You should be aware that this boresighter generates a strong magnetic field that may damage pacemakers, computers or other electronic devices.

Items you will need

  • Scoped rifle

  • Paper target

  • Bullet (1)

Clean the surfaces of both the end of your rifle barrel and the boresighter.

Use the magnet to attach the boresighter to the end of the barrel.

Match the boresighter height with the scope height by using the boresighter adjustable slide. The boresighter grid pattern should now be visible through the scope viewfinder.

Adjust to scope magnification to provide the best picture of the boresighter grid pattern. The grid pattern contrast can be optimized by adjusting the backlight illumination.

Center the scope crosshairs on the center of the boresighter grid pattern by adjusting the scope's vertical and horizontal (up and down, left and right) adjustments.

Prepare a paper target on a shooting range now that the scope and rifle barrel are sufficiently parallel to make your final adjustment.

Remove the boresighter from the end of the barrel and chamber your rifle with a single bullet.

Take careful aim at the center of your target and fire.

Observe where the bullet hits the target, and reattach the boresighter.

Aim your rifle at the center of the paper target, and record the bullet hole's exact position on the grid pattern. You can see the target through the boresighter grid pattern.

Adjust the scope crosshairs to center on the bullet-hole position on the grid pattern.

Remove the boresighter. Your rifle is now zeroed in.

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