How to Use Heelys Roller Shoes

It seems everywhere you look these days, you seem to pass people as if they are gliding across the floor. Many in fact are; they are wearing the latest trend in shoes--Heely Roller Shoes. Everyone wants them--kids, especially. These shoes are a lot of fun to have, and even more fun to wear. They look exactly like your average shoe, but on the sole of the shoe, you'll see they are roller skates. Getting used to these shoes may be a little difficult at first, but with a little practice you can be gliding across the floor.

Secure your safety equipment. These are items such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads. This will help you to prevent injury while learning.

Stand as you normally do and place one foot out as if you are going to start walking forward. Use the foot that you start out with when normally walking, and place it behind the weaker one.  

Step ahead with the weaker foot until it is set in front of the stronger one.

Step with the foot that is slightly in the back and secure it. Make sure your foot is slightly pointed toward the sky, but not too high up.

Shove off with your foot in the back while making sure that your toes are pointed upward somewhat. Keep your knee on this leg stiff to help keep your balance. The strong foot should be in close proximity of the weaker foot that is in the front.

Govern your weaker foot to point as you are using your Heely Roller Shoes.

Halt by gradually raising the toes of your strong foot so that it is in direct proximity of your weaker foot until the back part of the shoe is touching the floor. For a quicker way to come to a halt, shift your body weight to the back of your feet and gradually shake out your roll by acting as if you are running at a slow pace. 

Enjoy your shoes with your friends. If this is your first time using this particular brand of shoes, then it is wise to have someone with you as you try your new Heely Roller Shoes out for the first time. This is to prevent something drastic happening or to help you learn how to use them, so you do not damage your shoes.


  • Never let small children try these alone. Only under the supervision of an adult should they be allowed to try these shoes out. Never skate in place were there are any type of crowds. This helps prevent injury to you and to others. Please skate with caution. Follow directions carefully on how to use them to prevent injury.


  • Make sure you wear your safety gear. This helps prevent injury to yourself and others. Always skate with someone; never do it alone. Always clean and maintain your Heely Roller Shoes so they will last longer.