How to Use a Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener

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A knife is considered by many to be an essential piece of gear for any outdoor adventure. From fishing and hunting to camping, rock climbing and white water paddling, a knife can be used for cutting line and rope as well as for food preparation and shelter building. A knife should be properly sharpened to be an effective tool. The Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener is a small, lightweight and compact diamond sharpening rod suitable for sharpening a variety of blades.

Hold the Gerber diamond sharpener and turn the knurled end to release the sharpening rod. Pull the rod out of the sharpener tube so it is fully extended. Turn the knurled end to lock the rod in place.

Hold the Gerber diamond steel firmly in one hand and the knife to be sharpened in the other.

Turn the tip of the Gerber sharpener down and place on a work surface. Position the sharpener so that it is vertically straight.

Place the blade on the knife alongside the Gerber diamond sharpener. Position the knife blade so that the cutting edge is at a 15-degree angle to the sharpening rod.

Tip the knife blade up slightly and pull the blade across the side of the Gerber diamond sharpener. Begin at the base, or widest point of the blade, and pull the entire blade along the sharpener past the tip. Use a motion similar to cutting a thin slice from a fruit or vegetable.

Sharpen the knife blade five times on one side then move the blade to the opposite side of the sharpener. Sharpen the opposite side of the blade, maintaining the same 15-degree angle. Pull the blade along the side of the sharpener the same number of times as the opposite side.


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