How to Use a Daiwa Autocast Fishing Reel

How to Use a Daiwa Autocast Fishing Reel

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With their floating spools, Daiwa reels are known for their long casting and adjustable spool brakes that give even beginning anglers the chance to place lures with precision. The spool brakes also reduce the chance of backlashes that cut into fishing time for the single reel angler. Selecting the right brake settings for wind and bait conditions is critical to getting the most out of these high-performance reels.

Step 1

Set the Magforce dial on the reel to zero when maximum casting distance with heavier lures is required. At this setting, a Daiwa reel is a speedy caster and with a high-action rod will give the angler a day full of action without tiring.

Step 2

Set the Magforce dial in the 1 to 1.5 range if you're casting into the wind with medium to heavy lures. This will prevent backlashes. The exact setting will depend on the force of the wind. Auto brakes will start slowing the reel spin at the end of the cast at this setting.

Step 3

Adjust the Magforce dial to the 2 to 3 range when medium distance and accuracy are required to fish the semi-open water around shorelines. The setting will require the angler to use a full follow-through on the cast to get the best from the reel.

Step 4

Set the dial in the 3 to 5 range when a high degree of accuracy in casting is needed and distance is not important. The setting works best in tight areas and where there are underwater obstructions that call for tight placement of bait or lures.


  • Daiwa reels' Magforce dials should be lubricated often as directed by the reel manual.


  • When using tackle in salt water, wash it thoroughly in fresh water at the end of the fishing day.
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