How to Use Bushnell Range Finders

How to Use Bushnell Range Finders

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Bushnell rangefinders utilize a laser beam and a high-speed clock to determine the distance of the selected target. The rangefinder calculates the time it takes for the laser beam to return to the viewfinder unit; it then calculates the distance to within one yard and displays the information on a LCD lens. This technology is useful for purposes such as hunting or birdwatching.

Look through the lens unit of the Bushnell rangefinder. The rangefinder has a monocular design. All of the rangefinders come pre-focused to accomodate someone with 20/20 vision. If the view is not sharp, adjust the eyepiece by turning the the front of the lens.

Press the power button one time; it is located on top of the viewfinder unit. This will activate the LCD display within the viewfinder. Crosshairs and a battery status bar will appear on the screen. The targeting circle in the middle of the crosshairs indicates where the target should be located.

Press the "mode" button to toggle through the available modes. The selected mode will flash. Most models have a mode to compesate for areas that contain a lot of brush. This mode will disreguard any brush in the foreground. Some models also have modes to accomodate for angles that occur while hunting.

Locate a target; press and hold the power button until the distance information is displayed. The target must be at least 5 yards away.This information will be displayed on the LCD for 30 seconds. Press the button at any time to lock in a new target. The maximum distance depends upon the target and the environmental conditions. The maximum distance for most objects is 450 yards. The rangefinder is able to target highly refelective objects as far as 800 yards away.


  • Since the technology relies on the bounce back of the laser, hard targets such as rocks are useful when taking a benchmark reading.
  • The last range reading does not need to be deleted before obtaining a new target. The LCD will automatically reset once a new target is chosen.
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