How to Use Anise Oil for Deer

How to Use Anise Oil for Deer

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Anise oil is used by deer hunters to attract deer; it also doubles as as a scent cover. Originally used for attracting bear, bear hunters discovered that with an increased deer population, anise oil also successfully attracted deer. Using anise oil to attract deer is a simple process.

Items you will need

  • Anise oil

  • pure vanilla oil or pure vanilla extract (optional)

  • Cloth rag

  • String

  • Large zip-lock freezer bag

How to Use Anise Oil for Deer

Place the cloth rag into the zip-lock freezer bag.

Pour 1 to 2 oz. of anise oil into the zip-lock bag and add several drops of pure vanilla extract (optional).

Press the air out of the zip-lock bag and seal.

Remove the anise rag from zip-lock bag prior to entering hunting area and wipe down hunting boots and gear with the anise rag. This will serve to cover your scent so the deer will not be frightened away.

Tie a string onto one corner of the anise rag if you want to hang it on a tree limb near the area being hunted. The wind will carry the scent and attract deer.

Another option is to take the anise rag to the area being hunted, place it on the ground and slightly cover the with leaves or other debris.


  • Avoid getting anise oil or pure vanilla extract into eyes.
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