How to Use 8R 19.5 RV Tires

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It is important to run your recreational vehicle with the proper sized tires. For some RVs this means running the rig with 8R 19.5 RV tires. By using these tires, if appropriate for your RV, benefits include maximized gas mileage, better braking and handling and less chance of blow outs. If unsure of your RV tire size, consult your rig's operator's manual or head to a RV dealer and ask for assistance in the tire size.

Step 1

Have a full set of the 8R 19.5 RV tires installed on the RV. Be sure to have the tires placed on by certified tire professionals.

Step 2

Ask the professionals what PSI to inflate the 8R 19.5 RV tires for proper driving and handling. Get a tire air gauge tester and keep it in the rig. Test the tire PSI every few hundred miles of driving to be sure they are at the proper levels for your driving and RV rig requirements.

Step 3

Have all rims fitted with the 8R 19.5 RV tires. This includes andy dually rim setups. Dually setups are rims that have two wheels next to each other on the wheel well. It is important to keep all the tires the same size.

Step 4

Check the 8R 19.5 RV tires' treads every few thousand miles. Replace when the tread shows excessive wear, exposed threads or wires or any rips and tears.


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