How to Troubleshoot Slides for a Travel Trailer

Travel trailer slides provide additional living space inside a camper. A section of the camper slides out to make additional room by opening up the available floor space. If the slide on your camper does not operate as it should or stops working, troubleshoot it and repair common issues. You can avoid unnecessary repair bills by making minor corrections to fix commonly overlooked problems.

Step 1

Charge the batteries on the travel trailer. If the battery is not charged, the slide does not operate. Replace the battery, if needed.

Step 2

Check the fuse or breaker panel if the slide does not respond when the slide out switch is pressed. Pull out each fuse and replace fuses that are blown. Slide breakers to the “On” position.

Step 3

Inspect the top and sides of the slide for obstructions, if the slide jerks or moves slowly when the slide out switch is pressed. Run your hand around the seals on the inside and outside of the travel trailer. Remove foreign objects restricting the movement of the slide. If the slide still appears to be in a bind, it is likely out of alignment. Have the slide re-aligned at a service center.

Step 4

Lubricate the rubber seals around the slide with a silicone lubricant if the seals appear dry, so the slide can move in and out more freely. Apply the lubricant directly to the seals.


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