How to Troubleshoot a Moultrie Deer Feeder

How to Troubleshoot a Moultrie Deer Feeder

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Moultrie feeders have been on the market for 30 years and lead the industry as the top-selling feeder. In addition to numerous choices for game feeders, Moultrie also produces products such as feed spreaders and game surveillance equipment. As with all mechanical products, problems may arise from time to time. Learning how to troubleshoot your deer feeder when a problem arises will enable you to quickly fix the error and keep the deer coming back to your property.

Check the battery connections and ensure that they are secure. The battery's alligator-style clips should be fully contacting the battery terminals.

Remove the battery and replace it with a new battery, then test operation. If the new battery fails to power the feeder, contact a Moultrie customer service representative for in-depth repairs.

Check the run time switches on the back of the feeder. Ensure that the buttons are depressed fully on the time that you want the feeder to run in both morning and evening. If the buttons aren't fully depressed, the feeder will not run at your selected times.

Check to ensure that you've appropriately set the internal clock and feed time and that the "AM" and "PM" settings are correct. The lights on the left side of the timer indicate "AM" and "PM." Consult the feeder's operation manual for time setting instructions.

Check the dispensing holes and look for any clogs or debris that may be inhibiting feed release. Remove any clogs and check operation again. Typically, after foul weather the feeder can become clogged.


  • Do not stand near the feeder when feed operation is scheduled.


  • Check your feeder function once a week to ensure the apparatus is operating correctly.
  • Move the feeder to different locations to spread the food source to other locations for increased game activity.
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