How to Troubleshoot a Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy II

How to Troubleshoot a Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy II

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The best part of fishing for most people is catching fish. Trying to find exactly where the fish are located and how deep they are can be a little challenging. The Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy II is a great companion to take on any fishing trip --- it's considered to be one of the best portable fish-finders in the world. Minor mechanical issues can occur with the Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy, but they can be fixed by adjusting some elements on the device.

Items you will need

  • 3 "C" alkaline batteries

Check the batteries on the Bottom Line Fishing Buddy II. If the batteries are low, it will not have enough power to run properly. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the device. It will need three "C" alkaline batteries to work properly.

Cover the screen, or turn it away from the sun. The device will not work if it is too hot. If the screen is still blank after it cools down, the contrast may need to be adjusted. On the menu screen of the device, scroll down to the contrast button and adjust accordingly.

Check the transducer and make sure it is at least 8 inches into the water. Make sure it is in a area free of bubbles and turbulence. The transducer is located near the back of the boat, towards the bottom edge. It is a small black box with a wire sticking out of it. This wire needs to be 8 inches into the water in order to read the depth.

Check the device for any electrical interference that may be occurring. Turn off all electrical equipment and the motor to determine whether the unit works properly. To determine which device is interfering with the unit, turn each one on individually until the interference is found. Move the device away from the interference to avoid further interruption.

Turn the Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on. Sometimes common issues can be fixed by resetting the device. The Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy can malfunction due to common weather issues with choppy air when out to sea.


  • Injury can occur if hands are placed near a running motor.


  • Make sure the batteries are working properly in your device.
  • The battery indicator will blink when batteries are low.
  • Turn off the motor prior to fixing the transducer.
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