How to Troubleshoot a Honda Four-Wheeler

How to Troubleshoot a Honda Four-Wheeler

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Japanese auto maker Honda produces vehicles for on- and off-road use. Their four-wheeler ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are broken down into two different categories. Their "ATV Sport" line is designed for recreation and competition trail riding. Their "ATV Utility" line is used for general purpose transportation across trails. Like any other mechanical product, Honda four-wheelers sometimes may not perform as they should. When this happens, there are a few things you can do at home to trouble shoot them and locate the problem.

Items you will need

  • Wire brush

  • Spark plug gap tool

  • Spark plug wrench

Insert the key into the ignition and try to start your Honda four-wheeler. This operation will give you some clues as to the nature of the problem. Listen to the engine; if it is just turning and trying to start, you may have a fuel problem. If the engine is not even turning, you may have an electrical problem.

Lift up the seat on you Honda four-wheeler and inspect the fuse box. Remove and replace any fuses that have a broken link in them. Turn the four-wheeler off and remove the key from the ignition before working on the electrical system. Replace any blown fuses with a new fuse that is rated for the same amperage.

Inspect levels of fuel, engine oil and transmission fluids. Some models of Honda four-wheelers have a fuel gauge similar to those found in cars. If your four-wheeler does not have one of these gauges, then remove the fuel filler cap and use a dipstick to measure the amount of fuel in the tank. Remove and inspect the dipsticks for engine oil and transmission fluids. On the dipsticks there will be "Full" and "Add" lines. Add the appropriate fluid if the dipstick is at or close to the "Add" line.

Locate the spark plugs on the engine, remove the spark plug wires and take the spark plugs out using a spark plug wrench. Clean the carbon off the end of the spark plugs with a wire brush and re-gap the spark plugs using a gap tool. Insert the cleaned or new spark plugs, tighten them with the spark plug wrench and re-connect the spark plug wires.

Remove, clean or replace the air and fuel filters on your Honda four-wheeler. Refer to the owner's manual for your model to locate the filters. If these filters are clogged, they will restrict the fuel and air flow into the engine, which will affect engine performance.