How to Troubleshoot Four Wheelers

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Trouble starting is a common problem with four wheelers due to problems with the fuel and ignition. Following a troubleshooting procedure may help you avoid having to take your four wheeler in for service because many problems can be quickly and easily rectified. These include lack of fuel, wet spark plugs or an exhausted battery. More serious problems like compression may require a service visit.

Check the fuel level in the tank. If there is no fuel, add it and try the engine again. Remove the spark plug and examine the electrode if the engine still won’t start. If it is wet, dry it off with a cloth and reinsert it.

Try to start the engine and listen to the starter. Identify whether the engine turns over quickly or slowly. If it turns over quickly, the battery is fine. If it turns over slowly, check the battery leads and charge the battery.

Check for blown fuses and replace them, if necessary. To do this, remove the seat and unhook the band. Take out the tool kit and tire gauge if there is one under the seat. Remove the battery cover by removing the bracket bolts. Turn the key to the “off” position and turn off all the vehicle’s electrical circuits. Check the fuses by looking for broken wires inside of them. Replace broken fuses with fuses of the same amperage.

If the headlamps don't illuminate, replace the headlight bulbs. Remove the bolts around each headlight unit, disconnect the headlight bulb cover and remove the headlight bulb cover by turning it counter clockwise. Remove the bulb and replace it. Do not touch the bulb glass.

Adjust the headlights if they illuminate but don't show obstructions ahead on the trail or if they blind other ATV riders. To do this, turn your headlights on and turn the adjusting screw while pointing the ATV at a wall so you can see the adjustments you perform. The adjusting screw is located in the housing behind the headlight and will be marked with arrows.


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