How to Troubleshoot Electric Camper Jacks

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Jacks make things easier when it comes time to level your RV. You don't have to keep driving back and forth, on and off boards and adding more and more boards to make sure you are level. It is important to keep your RV level to avoid problems with your kitchen appliances and to lie in bed. When trouble arises, there are some things you can check by yourself before consulting a professional.

Step 1

Turn your ignition on and make sure the transmission is in park. Wait for three hours and see if the jack will operate. Try this if the jacks are not working at all or you cannot get any lights to appear on the control panel.

Step 2

Check the fuses on the control panel to see if they are blown out. Do this if the pump will not run and the jacks will not come down. If it is not the fuses, check the level of fluid on the jacks.

Step 3

Check the 12-volt fuse on the pad if the pump works but the jacks won't come down.

Step 4

Check the fuse on the pads if only a couple of jacks will not extend or fail to come back up.

Step 5

Look at the retractor springs if a couple of the jacks do not come completely up. Check the retractor springs closely on the jacks that do not rise.

Step 6

Check the fluid in the reservoir if the jacks down fail to go out when all the jacks are fully retracted. If the fluid level is too low, it could cause the jacks to malfunction.

Step 7

Look at what type of fluid you are using in the reservoir. Make sure it is the fluid that is recommended by the manufacturer.