How to Trap a Weasel or Ermine

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Short-tailed weasels, also known as ermines, are commonly trapped animals wherever they are found. Some people trap them, skin them and sell their fur, while other people trap them because they are nuisances. The latter often are farmers, who may lose chickens and other poultry to weasels, which sneak in under the cover of darkness and kill the birds. Weasels have voracious appetites and love meat, which people who trap them should keep in mind.

Items you will need

  • Wood box

  • Drill

  • Leg-hold trap

  • Nail

  • Hammer

  • Meat

Select a wooden box that is about 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. A box without a top is best. Place it in likely areas, including near streams and in nearby areas with tall grass. If you are having weasel problems in your chicken coup, place the box near it.

Drill a hole 2 inches in diameter in one side of the box.

Hammer a nail into the other side of the box. The nail should be about halfway between the bottom and top of the box.

Push fresh, bloody meat onto the nail. Nearly any type of meat will do.

Set a size 0 or 1 leg-hold trap inside the box, just underneath the nail and bait. The idea is to have the weasel step on the trap pan as it tries to get to the meat.

Check your trap at least once each day.