What Are the Trailer Specifications for the Yamaha Jet Boat?

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Yamaha Motor Corp. is a manufacturer of jet boats, which draw water from under the boat and expel it from the stern of the craft for propulsion. They are quick and maneuverable, and owners trailer their boats to lakes, inlets and ocean waters. Trailers for these boats have general specifications.

Jet Boat Trailer Brakes

Yamaha jet boat trailers come with surge brakes. Some trailers also come with a five-pin adapter; the fifth pin ties into the reverse lights of the towing vehicle. This fifth pin activates the surge brakes when backing the trailer, and it prevents the brakes from locking up when reversing down a ramp. Some trailers also come with a bypass key that manually deactivates the surge brakes when backing down a ramp.

The brake-fluid reservoir is on the tongue (neck) of the trailer, and the specific owner’s manual will indicate the level of fluid required for proper operation and service intervals.

Hitching and Securing

For safe towing, a jet boat trailer must match the boat’s weight and shape of the hull. The towing vehicle must also have the capacity to tow the weight. In addition, the trailer must hitch properly to the towing vehicle. Yamaha recommends using a bolted or welded-on hitch with safety chains in case the trailer comes loose from the hitch ball.

Securing the jet boat onto the trailer is the next step after hitching the trailer to the towing vehicle. The trailer’s winch line secures the bow of the boat to the trailer. Yamaha jet boat trailers also come with a bow stop mounted onto the winch, which provides a secure resting point for the bow when fully loaded onto the trailer. Strap tie-downs further secure the boat onto the trailer; some Yamaha trailers also come with tie-downs mounted onto the trailer.

General Description

Yamaha jet boat trailers are tandem-axle trailers made of aluminum. They come in different lengths to accommodate boats of different sizes (21 through 24 feet). These trailers also come with carpeted bunks, guide-ons (for maneuvering ease), a submersible light kit and spare trailer tire.

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