How to Trade in a Travel Trailer

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If you are shopping for a new travel trailer or RV and are hoping to trade your old travel trailer during the sale, be sure to research the value of the trailer prior to heading to the dealerships. As with auto sales, travel trailer sales devalue your used equipment as part of the trade deal. Have the information regarding your travel trailer's worth and use it as starting point in negotiations for trade-in value.

Bring the travel trailer to a certified RV detailing center. Have the travel trailer professionally cleaned and detailed. Repair any hose leaks or system damage such as plumbing, heating or entertainment centers. Bring the travel trailer to the best "curb-side" appeal condition to enhance the value for the trade in.

Log onto the Internet and direct your browser to NADA or Kelley Blue Book and enter in the travel trailer's year of make, model and serial number. Find the approximate value for your trailer.

Bring the travel trailer to the RV or camper dealership you are trading with. Let the dealership inspect the trailer and give its offer for trade-in value. Use the information you attained from the NADA or Kelley site to counter-offer during the trade.

Arrive at an agreement and have the value of the trade applied to the purchase of the new RV or travel camper.


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