Tips on the Punching Bag Bar Game

Tips on the Punching Bag Bar Game

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While alcohol can sometimes contribute to violence on a night out, many bars and clubs have introduced a machine that allows drinkers to throw punches without anybody getting hurt. The punching bag game is a familiar sight in bars around the world and regularly attracts people of all sizes to test their skills and discover who has the most powerful punch. Knowing basic techniques of throwing a proper punch will help to increase your scores.


Having the correct stance is the basic foundation of throwing a solid punch. In order to maximize the power behind a punch, your body must be in a position that naturally flows with the movement of the punch.

The fighting stance of boxers and martial arts means that a cross punch from the back hand is the most powerful.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the left foot closer to the bag. If you are punching with your left hand, then stand with the right foot closer to the bag.

Throwing the punch

To increase the power in the punch, push off the heel of your back foot, shifting your body weight onto your front foot while turning your hips, thighs and stomach muscles slightly to the side before releasing the punch. Practice this action until the movement becomes fluid and natural to you.

Your arm should remain at shoulder height and the wrist and back of the fist should be in a straight line with the forearm.

Bending your wrist will not only take away the power of the punch but also could result in an injury .


To get more speed behind the punch, make sure your arms, shoulders and hands are loose.

Close your fingers to form the fist at the last moment before striking, tightening your fingers into the palm of the hand on impact. This enables you to move your hands quicker than throwing already closed-fists. Because the punching bag game determines scores depending on speed and power, this will enable you to throw quicker punches, thus achieving higher scores.

Punch Straight

Unlike electronic punching bags in gyms, which score for strikes to different parts of the bag, the punching bag game in bars must be forced into the sensor at the top of the machine.

Therefore, huge haymakers, hooks or uppercuts are unlikely to score high in the game, even if they would do serious damage to a human being.

Higher scores are attainable by hitting the bag with a direct strike to the front and following straight through, as if you were attempting to punch through the bag.

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