Tips for the M-Tech Crossbow

by Matthew Knight

The M-Tech 150 pound draw crossbow features a die-cast metal frame with recurve design suitable for big game hunting. It comes with a host of amenities including a red dot scope, adjustable sites and a detachable quiver. This value-priced crossbow should be handled safely and checked for accuracy before hunting.


M-Tech crossbows are highly dangerous weapons and need to be handled carefully. Never transport the crossbow loaded, as jarring from transport could cause a discharge resulting in serious injury and damage. Store and transport the crossbow in a crossbow case, which keeps it clean and protects it from damage. When hunting from an elevated platform, the crossbow should only be loaded once the hunter is securely in the stand.

Sighting In

M-Tech crossbows come from the factory sighted for accuracy, but the sights could be off due to the shipping process. The crossbow features an adjustable manual site along with a red dot scope, which needs to be adjusted separately. Shoot a group of three to six arrows at a time before adjusting the sites to determine if the shots were strayed due to human movement or the sight being off. M-Tech crossbow users should check their crossbow for accuracy often if using it for hunting.


Shooting a crossbow accurately requires the shooter to be still before and during the shot. When sighting-in your crossbow, shoot it from a rest for best results. Rests, available from most sporting goods stores or made from a table with a rolled up blanket on top, will allow you to rest the crossbow steadily. A shooter must gently squeeze the trigger to prevent the action from jerking the crossbow, which will lead to an inaccurate shot. For off-hand shots, hold the red dot of the scope on an object until your steady and gently squeeze the trigger.


Cocking a 150-pound draw crossbow is a difficult and dangerous maneuver. The M-Tech crossbow has a metal foot pad that is placed on the ground and the user places his foot within it. The shooter must grab each side of the string and pull straight up until the string securely locks into place. Rope and mechanical cocking devices available from aftermarket manufactures provide an easier method of cocking. It is critical that a crossbow never be dry fired or fired without a bolt as it will likely cause damage to the limbs.

About the Author

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