How to Tie Spinner Bait on Fishing Line

How to Tie Spinner Bait on Fishing Line

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Spinner bait is one of the most widely used types of fishing lures by young and old fisherman alike. Spinner bait is a small, reflective device that spins as it passes through the water, attracting fish with it’s shiny nature and wriggling motion. Spinner bait is a highly effective choice as a fishing lure and is very simple to use.

Items you will need

  • Spinner bait

  • Fishing line

  • Fishing pole

  • Scissors

Release enough string from the fishing pole to attach your spinner bait. You will need approximately one foot of line to assure your have enough to properly secure the bait.

Hold the spinner bait in your hand with the tie loop pointing upwards. The tie loop should be a little metal loop attached to a small metal arm that leads away from the body of the spinner bait. The arm gives the bait plenty of room to move and spin without becoming tangled in the line.

Run the fishing line through the loop in the top of the arm, and tie two or three firm knots in the line. Tying multiple small knots in the fishing line assures that the spinner bait does not come loose when a fish strikes the hook.

Check to make sure the hooks on the spinner bait are sharp and free of obstructions. Most spinner baits are built with their own internal hook system, eliminating the need to attach extra hooks.

Trim off any excess fishing line after you have tied the knots. Any remaining untrimmed line can tangle, causing trouble when you are attempting to fish.

Cast the pole a few times to be sure the spinner bait is tied tightly onto the line. Cast the line into the water and reel it in to assure that the spinner bait stays tied tight in the water as well.

Reel the line in and check over the spinner bait and the knots. Everything should be in full working order and the knots should remain tight. Cast the spinner bait out into the favorite fishing hole and enjoy your day with a newly tied spinner bait.


  • Use caution when working with fishing lures and scissors. They are both sharp and can cause serious injury if used incorrectly.


  • Make sure that you tie bait on correctly. If you tie the line to the wrong part of the spinner bait, it will not work correctly.
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