How to Tie Netting Knots

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A netting knot, also known as sheet bend or a weaver's hitch, is a type of knot that is made from two pieces of rope. Netting knots are most commonly used to securely tie two different-sized ropes together, and to create strong, durable fishing nets. They are relatively simple to make, and once you master the technique you can use the knots to create fishing nets and hammocks. Netting knots can be made out of rope, string, ribbon or flexible wire.

Step 1

Place one of the lengths of rope in a horizontal line on your work space. This rope will be referred to as rope 1. If you are using two different-sized ropes, always use the thicker rope as rope 1.

Step 2

Make a small loop in rope 1. Insert rope 2 underneath and through the loop.

Step 3

Place rope 2 behind rope 1. Pass rope 2 back over the top of the loop, and underneath itself to secure the knot in place. Pull rope 2 tightly to complete the knot.


  • Netting knots are strong enough to be used for nets, but they should never be used for climbing or safety ropes.


  • Nylon or wax-coated ropes may require a double netting knot to keep it in place. To create a double netting knot follow steps 1 to 3, and then pass rope 2 under and around rope 1, and back through itself again.


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