How to Tie Knots in a Berkley Fireline

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Berkley Fireline is a "superline" that's approximately four times as strong as similarly sized monofilament lines. It has little to no stretch and retains the castability of a small-diameter fishing line. Rigging a fishing outfit with Fireline is not much different than rigging an outfit with monofilament line. However, Fireline is somewhat slicker than most monofilament and can slip when attached directly to the reel spool. This difficulty can be eliminated by attaching a section of monofilament to the reel spool and then attaching the Fireline to the monofilament.

Items you will need

  • Fishing rod

  • Spinning reel

  • Monofilament line

  • Berkley Fireline

  • Lure/Hook/Swivel

Attach the section of monofilament line to the reel spool using an arbor knot, and reel the line onto the spool. See the "Resources" section for step-by-step instructions on tying an arbor knot.

Attach the Fireline to the monofilament line using a blood knot, and reel the Fireline onto the spool. See the "Resources" section for step-by-step instructions on tying a blood knot.

Open the bail on the spool and run the Fireline through the rod guides.

Use an improved clinch knot to attach a swivel, hook or lure to the end of the Fireline.


  • When tying knots with Fireline, make sure you moisten the knots with saliva or water prior to tightening them. Otherwise, the friction created when the knot is tightened will damage the Fireline.


  • Since Fireline is stronger than similarly sized monofilament lines, you should make sure your swivels and hooks are large enough to match the strength of your line.
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