The Best Food to Bait Deer With

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Deer baiting is a controversial issue. Many hunters and nonhunters debate the ethics of baiting. Some hunters think it gives an unfair advantage to the hunter. Bait piles also can lead to increased deer proximity to each other, which can cause the spread of certain diseases. If you are going to bait, however, where legal, you should use the best food for the best outcome. An alternative is planting food plots.

Know Your Hunting Area

Sugar beets
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In many cases, the best food to bait deer with is based on what is already available to the deer population. In farming areas, deer may have access to fields and will not go out of their way to a bait pile that offers the same fare. Thus, you should use bait that is not a staple food in the area. If there is a lot of corn grown in your hunting region, use sugar beets to entice the deer.

Keep it Green

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Deer love lush, green grasses and clovers. Most deer hunting seasons are in the late fall and winter months when much of this type of vegetation has died off. Timely planting of sorghum and clover can ensure that green fields surround your hunting area and draw deer in. This is particularly effective where baiting is illegal, but food plots are allowed.

The Bait Pile

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Where baiting is allowed, you will want to mix up the food you leave for deer. Including some of a staple crop, like corn, is always a good idea. You also can use apples and acorns to draw deer in. Both of these items are deer favorites, but are often out of season when the hunting period arrives. They also tend to come in limited supply to deer naturally, as the deer can get only what has fallen from the tree, usually in intervals throughout the year.

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