How To Splice an Eye in a Rope

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Eye splices create a loop in braided rope that can be used to anchor boats or tow. With enough tucks or weaves, the splice will be very strong, even with slippery ropes like nylon, although you will need more weaves in the rope to make it strong enough. To make the splice, you will need a braided rope (three smaller ropes wrapped around each other). Additionally, this splice will work with braided wire.

Unweave one end of the rope. Unweave enough rope to make five tucks (seven if you are using the rope for towing).

Secure the ends of the unwoven rope so they don't fray. Tape them closed or burn them if you are using nylon rope.

Weave the ends through the main body of the rope. Use a tool such as a pencil or stick with a point to help loosen the rope, if necessary.

Tuck the ends of the rope under the main rope to give the splice an orderly look and extra strength.

Pull the rope tight and test its strength in a safe setting.


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