Snuff Bullet Instructions

Snuff Bullet Instructions

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Nasal snuff is a traditional method of consuming tobacco that fell out of fashion in the Western hemisphere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, smoking bans and the perception that nasal snuff is less damaging to the health than cigarettes has led to a resurgence of interest in the product. One of the methods for inhaling snuff makes use of a snuff bullet. This device is a small metal or plastic tube with a rotatable lever on the side that provides a convenient means of carrying and portioning snuff. While there are many different brands of snuff bullets available, they all work on the same basic principles.

    Turn the snuff bullet upside-down. Unscrew the base of the snuff bullet. Fill it with snuff and screw the base in snugly. Turn the bullet right-side up.

    Turn the lever on the side of the bullet so that the pointed end is pointing downward. Turn the snuff bullet upside-down. Tap the bottom of the bullet several times.

    Turn the bullet sideways. Turn the lever until the pointed end is facing in the opposite direction. Turn the bullet right-side up.

    Insert the tip of the bullet into your nose and inhale the snuff. Alternatively, you can tap the snuff onto the back of your hand and inhale it from there.


    • Some bullets allow you to choose the size of the snuff portion. If this is the case, turn the lever to the left for a larger dose or to the right for a smaller one.


    • All forms of tobacco are addictive and can damage your health.

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