How to Sight in a Pistol

You must sight your pistol before using it. You need a 25, 50 and 100 yard lined range. When sighting in your pistol you must hold the pistol just as you would if you were hunting or shooting, though you can use a bench rest. Read on to learn more.

Shoot at 25 yards and fire two or three shoots. If you are grouping (shots are fairly close together) then you can adjust your sights. If your shots are not grouping then you might be flinching or are not aiming steady.

Adjust your sights by moving the front site opposite of where it is hitting and the rear site to where you want the shot to go. If you are shooting low, move the front site down, and if you are shooting to the right, then move the rear site to the left.

Shoot a second round of two or three shots and adjust your site again. Repeat until you are on target. After adjusting at 25 yards, check your sites at 50 and 100 yards.

Adjust the site according to the owner's handbook. Fixed sites can be adjusted with a brass drift by tapping the site in the needed direction. Scopes with be adjusted by per-click graduation.

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