How to Set up a Fishing Pole for Bass Fishing

For true fisherman, there is a science and methodology behind each kind of fishing and species of fish you seek to catch. Bass fishing is no exception. There are several ways to set up a pole for bass fishing.

Determine where you will be fishing. Every lake has a different structure and set up and you'll have to adjust these steps accordingly.

Get out some drop shot weights. Set up a spinning pole and spool on six pound test. You want light line so as to feel the bite and be able to snap back in time. If the water is murky, use eight pound test.

Attach drop shot weights to the line and your drop shot rig to the end.

Get a 7 1/ 2 foot bait casting rod and attach a bait casting reel. Fill the reel with at least twelve pound test if the lake or river is known for its large bass.

Tie on a jig.

Use a crank bait for quiet water areas where a little bit of sound can attract fish. Set up a seven foot bait casting rod and reel with ten pound test.

Tie on a crank bait and test its movement in the water before casting.

Rig any of these settings differently for assistance in spotting the bite sooner by Carolina-rigging the unit. To do this slip a glass bead and weight on the main line. Then tie a swivel underneath and attach a two foot leader with light line. Tie the hook on and you're ready to fish.


  • Don't use light weight test in murky waters


  • Examine the clarity of the water to determine the weight of line you want to use.
  • Always have more than one pole set-up (if possible) to maximize your fishing options.