How to Set Up a Fishing Planer Board

How to Set Up a Fishing Planer Board

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Fishing with planer boards allows fishermen to troll baits out to the sides of the boat. Planer boards allow the fisherman to cover more area and avoid excessive line tangling. Planer boards also allow baits to be presented in shallow water while the boat runs in deeper water. A standard planer board is easy to use and moderately expensive for the typical fisherman.

Items you will need

  • Planer board

  • Rod and reel

  • Boat

Fishing with a Planer Board

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Bring boat to trolling speed. Position all rods to be used in rod holders on the rear of the boat, or stern.

Select a rod to use with a planer board. Release the line on the selected rod to let lure out to the desired depth.

Hold the fishing line at desired depth and clip the swivel clip (at the back of the planer) around the line. Attach the line release clamp to the line ahead of the swivel clip.

Remove the rod from its holder and place the planer board in the water. Keep the rod tip high and release line until the board reaches desired distance from the boat.

Place the rod back in the rod holder. Adjust the drag setting to prevent the resistance of the lure from pulling line off the reel.


  • Use caution when trolling with planer boards.
  • Be aware of surroundings.
  • Docks, bridges, trees and other boaters can enter the trolling path of the planer boards and cause tangling and possible injury.


  • The length of the rod determines the distance that the planer board will move away from the boat. The longer the rod, the better it is suited for planer board use.
  • Always keep the rod tip high when using planer boards, this ensures that the planer board reaches maximum distance from the boat.
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