How to Set Up an AWANA Game Floor

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An AWANA game circle is a series of squares, circles and lines that make up the team sections and starting lines for most AWANA games. The ideal place for an AWANA game circle is a gym or outdoor setting that has a space of at least 50 feet. Setting up the circle is not a difficult process, but if the measurements are off, the children will be unprepared to compete in game competitions. Depending on the floor surface, you can use Velcro tape, vinyl tape or paint to create the circle. You can also purchase a large carpet mat with the circle pre-printed onto the mat if desired.

Items you will need

  • Colored Velcro tape or vinyl tape in green, yellow, blue, red and white

  • Colored paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Measuring tape

Use a room that has a diameter of at least 50 feet. You will need 40 square feet of space for the AWANA circle, and you will need enough space for the children to sit or stand outside of the circle.

Inspect the flooring type in your game room. For carpet, use Velcro tape strips. For a hard floor, you can either paint the lines onto the floor or use permanent tape, such as vinyl tape.

Outline a 40-foot square on the middle of the floor. Make each side of the square a different color out of blue, yellow, green and red tape or paint. Put yellow on the left side, green on the bottom, blue on the right side and red on the top.

Make a diagonal line leading to the center of the square from each corner from the colored tapes. Use yellow tape where the green and yellow sides connect, green at the green and blue corner, red at the yellow and red corner and blue at the blue and red corner.

Make a smaller square in the center of the larger square that has sides equaling 7 feet long. Make each side of the inside square the same color as the corresponding side on the large square.

Three feet from the center of the square, place a 6-inch strip of tape on the diagonal lines. Keep the strips the same color as the diagonal lines. Add a 4-foot strip of tape eight feet from the center of the diagonal line. Add a 6-inch strip of tape at the 9-foot mark, and the 10, 11, 12 and 13 marks, down the diagonal lines.

Make a large circle around the marks and the inner square along the 15-foot mark down the diagonal line. Keep the circle perfectly round.

Add an 18-inch strip of white tape or paint four feet away from the right side of each of the diagonal lines coming off of the white circle.