How to Set Shrimp Skimmers

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Just like Bubba reminded everyone in the movie Forrest Gump, there are a plethora of ways to eat shrimp. One of the best ways to catch those tasty creatures is to use a shrimp skimmer. Shrimp skimmers are fixed frames enclosed by nets that are hung on the side of boats to catch near surface waters. It is easy to set shrimp skimmers with items available at your local bait and tackle store.

Attach the rope to the boat and the skimmer. Use the clasp to link the rope and skimmer.

Tighten the large floater to the skimmer rope. Place the large floater on the rope to the depth of the water.

Throw the shrimp skimmer overboard. The shrimp skimmer drags near the bottom of the water source.

Sail the boat and continue to set the shrimp skimmers. Reverse the boat and sail along the same route.

Find the large floaters and retrieve the lines with a long stick with a hook attached. Drag the floater towards the boat and pull up the shrimp skimmers.

Pull the shrimp skimmers on deck and remove the shrimp caught in the skimmers.


  • Be careful when retrieving the shrimp skimmers. As the boat floats, large amounts of force can make the skimmers out of control. Proceed with the supervision of an experienced fisherman.


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