How to Set a Hog Snare

How to Set a Hog Snare

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A snare is a mechanical devise made of a cable loop and sliding locks. A hog snare captures a feral hog around its neck or leg. As the animal puts pressure on the sliding locks, the loop tightens and prevents the hog from escaping. In order to snare a hog, you must have the proper equipment, set the snare in the proper location and position it to capture the size of hog you desire.

Items you will need

  • Galvanized steel cable snare with locking slides, 1/8-inch

  • Stopping device

  • Anchor

  • Swivel

Locate a hog trail. Hogs are creatures of habit that walk the same trails in search of food. This is especially true if there is a constant supply of food in several different areas. Be aware that hogs use trails that other game or domestic animals may also frequent. Find a trail that is hog-specific, if possible.

Find the proper location for your snare on the trail. Snares work best when a hog is forced to walk through a confined area. Choose an area between bushes or trees, under a fence, around a rock outcropping, a body of water or over obstacles.

Set the snare. Fasten the swivel on the end of the cable to an anchor such as a fence post, tree, a T-anchor driven into the ground or anything else that can withstand the pressure of a mature hog pulling on it. Suspend the loop of the snare from a single-wrapped, light-gauge piece of wire or two that can break away from the suspension point. Set your suspension point between 1 1/2 feet and 3 feet high. Suspension points can be a limb, a piece of wire on a fence, a nylon cord run between two objects or a stiff piece of wire wrapped around an object and hung horizontally over the trail. Set the loop size and elevation on the snare. Set the loop between 1 foot and 2 1/2 feet in diameter. The size of the loop depends on the size of hog you expect to snare.

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