How to Sell a Travel Trailer

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Taking a family vacation in a travel trailer is 37 percent less expensive than a car/hotel vacation, according to a study by P.K. Consulting (see Resource 1), which is good news when you want to sell a travel trailer. The lower cost makes travel trailers a popular vacation choice, which means you can get a good price when selling your trailer, if you do your research to price competitively and advertise where your ad will be seen.

Step 1

Evaluate the industry trends and other information regarding owning and using a travel trailer. Go to “www.rvia.org,” click on “Market Data & Trends,” and then on “Business Indicators.” This information can help with writing the content of your advertising and improve your selling abilities.

Step 2

Compare prices with other travel trailers on the market to determine a selling price for your trailer. There are many websites, such as NADA Used RV Travel Trailers at “www.nadaguides.com” and Camping World at “www.campingworld.com/rvsales," where you can find information on models and year-specific pricing.

Step 3

Place a classified ad in your local paper, on Craigslist at "www.craigslist.com," or on various free and pay websites on the Internet. To see a variety of options go to “www.searchengineguide.com/price-guides/travel-trailer-bluebook.html.”

Along with the price and condition of the rig the ad should concentrate on how the features in your travel trailer will be valuable to the potential buyer. An example would be: "The fold-out table, along with the kitchen table, provides the extra space needed for larger families."


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