How to Sell Nightcrawlers

How to Sell Nightcrawlers

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Nightcrawlers are commonly used fishing bait and can be found in most shops and stores that sell tackle and bait. Nightcrawlers can be raised or collected by hand on damp grass at night using a flashlight. Several options are available to the night crawler collector to sell them; however, storage of the nightcrawlers to keep them fresh and alive is imperative because it can be days between collecting and marketing. They must be kept in a dark cool location in commercial worm bedding and fed commercial worm food.

Items you will need

  • Wooden or foam boxes

  • Commercial worm bedding

  • Commercial worm food

Sell the nightcrawlers to tackle and bait shops. Small stores along popular fishing rivers and lakes often sell bait to the fishermen traveling into the area and need a steady supply of nightcrawlers.

Contact larger distributors of nightcrawlers to see whether they buy from individual collectors. If they do, this can be a ready source to sell all the nightcrawlers you can collect.

Locate individual sellers who deal in nightcrawlers but do not collect their own. It is often easier for them to buy from local collectors than go through the work of doing the collecting themselves.

Post a sign in your yard advertising that you have nightcrawlers for sale to individual fishermen. This will require that you first check your local regulations about selling in this manner.

Raise nightcrawlers on a large scale and contract to bait dealers nationwide.


  • Never use plastic containers for storing nightcrawlers because the plastic is toxic to worms.
  • Never keep boxes of nightcrawlers in a hot environment because the heat will quickly kill them.


  • Nightcrawlers are generally sold in 1,000-count lots or packaged in one-dozen-count containers. Most bait sellers won't buy from you unless you can provide them 1,000 nightcrawlers at a time.
  • If you sell nightcrawlers from your home they can be stored in large boxes and then counted out in the number the buyer wants. Then put them in his container or provide small foam containers they can take with them.
  • A refrigerator designated for this purpose is a good place to store boxes of nightcrawlers as they will be kept cool and dark.
  • Wooden boxes 18 to 24 inches square make good storage containers, providing the wood has not been treated with any kind of sealer or paint. Foam boxes are the best choice and can be purchased specifically for storing worms.
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