RV Refrigerator Replacement Options

by Kimberly Hurd
Having a reliable refrigerator is important on a long-term RV expedition.

Having a reliable refrigerator is important on a long-term RV expedition.

Any dedicated RV camper knows that having a good refrigerator is a vital component of a successful camping trip. You have several possible options for replacing an RV fridge. One common option is to install a three-way refrigerator in your RV, but it is not the only solution. The best option for you depends on the type of RV camping you do the most. All types of RV fridges range in size and capacity, so consider your specific needs, such as length of stay and types of food and beverages when searching for a replacement refrigerator.

Three-Way Refrigerator

Three-way refrigerators have three power sources: propane, a 120 volt AC electric element and a 12 volt DC element. This type of RV refrigerator is a good choice because it can operate at any time, including when traveling on the road. Three-way fridges are convenient because of the power options, but they can sometimes be less efficient than other refrigerators.

Compact Refrigerator

You can use a standard compact refrigerator in an RV with a power cord adapter. The RV must be connected to a power source to use this type of refrigerator, but it is a good option for RV owners who are staying long-term in one place, such as a campground or RV park. Compact refrigerators are not specially made for RVs, so they may not be the best option, but for anyone on a tight budget a standard compact refrigerator will usually be the least expensive replacement option.

12-Volt Refrigerator

A 12-volt mini fridge is a good alternative to a cooler when camping or traveling. Often this type of refrigerator is small enough to carry around without much trouble, so it is a good option for someone who enjoys taking short day trips to go fishing or to the beach. Larger 12-volt refrigerators are available for RV owners who want to place one permanently in their vehicle.

Propane Refrigerator

Refrigerators powered by propane gas are a popular option for RVs. They can run without a connection to an external power source, so RV owners are not restricted to campgrounds with full electric hook-ups. Campers who want to stay long-term in a remote location should look into the propane refrigerator options made specifically for RV's. Many propane fridges are large enough for most campers' food storage needs but only use a small amount of propane to run.

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