The Best Running Shoes for Bad Feet

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Bad feet are usually the result of being flat-footed or having high arches. Runners who are flat-footed often over-pronate while running, meaning that the foot rolls too far to the inside of the shoe when the foot makes contact with the ground. Those with high arches most commonly under-pronate when running, causing the foot to roll slightly to the inside or the outside of the shoe upon contact with the ground. The best running shoes for these types of foot disorders are specifically designed to hold the feet in place better when running. They are usually light-weight with better body-mass distribution in order to take unneeded stress off the troubled areas of the feet.

Asics Gel Evolution 5

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 is designed for runners who are severe over-pronators, or flat-footed, and provide maximum support without maximum weight stress. The Impact Guidance System featured in the shoe enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel contact to toe-off, allowing for support to all areas of the foot as it touches the ground. Other features of the shoe include the Solyte Midsole Material, which is lighter than the material in a standard shoe and provides cushion and durability. The Space Trusstic System creates a pocket in the shoe that allows for more efficient foot function and greater midsole deformation to help return the foot to its natural state. The DuoMax Support System and Biomorphic Fit Upper in the shoe give a supportive fit and function throughout the running process. The Asics Gel Evolution 5 is made in sizes for both men and women, and though the shoe does not come in many colors it is made in a wide range of sizes that can be tailored to the specific wearer’s foot length and width.

Brooks Beast

The Brooks Beast running shoe is designed for runners with low arches, flat arches and excessive pronation. The shoe comes equipped with special features such as the Brooks DNA, a cushioning material that customizes for runners of all sizes and responds to every step by dispersing impact and protecting the foot as running pace changes. Other features include the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, which is engineered to provide progressive pronation control and enhanced transitions from the midstance to the propulsion phase of foot contact, and the HPR Green, an outsole compound that has wet-dry traction for skid-resistance. The Brooks Beast is made in sizes for both men and women.

Nike Zoom Vomero+5

The Nike Zoom Vomero+5 is a women's shoe designed for under-pronators, or high arches, and is modeled to accommodate the shape of the female foot which usually has a wider forefoot than the male foot. The interior of the shoe is seam-free, allowing for minimal irritation as result of a close-fit, and has stretch mesh panels that help to lock down the midfoot while stretching and flexing the foot for support. The Nike Zoom Vomero+5 also has a more segmented crash pad than recent models, which enhances the cushioning effect of the shoe while allowing for a smoother run. Additional special features of the shoe include open mesh along the top of the shoe to enhance breathability, reflectors for low light, an external heel wrap that secures the foot, arch support and flex grooves.