How to Rig a Rubber-Core Sinker

How to Rig a Rubber-Core Sinker

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Anglers use rubber-core sinkers for a variety of applications, including to carry their bait to the bottom or to gain more depth form their trolling lures. The sinkers include a lead exterior, a rubber interior and a vertical groove into which anglers place the fishing line. Rubber-core sinkers make it easier for you to add or remove them from fishing line quickly. They differ from other sinkers, however, in that they do not slide up and down the line. Rubber-core sinkers are available in sizes ranging from 1/8 oz. or smaller to 1 oz. or heavier.

Items you will need

  • Fishing line

Select the spot on the fishing line where you want to attach the rubber-core sinker.

Insert the fishing line into the groove on the sinker.

Twist the top rubber tab clockwise and the bottom rubber tab counterclockwise to wrap the line around the rubber. Turning each tab two full turns will suffice.

Remove the rubber-core sinker by twisting each tab the opposite direction you initially twisted it.

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