How to Ride a Kick Scooter

So you've jumped on the scooter wave and are testing out the waters of alternative transportation. The simple design - two wheels, a riding deck and handlebars - makes this a lightweight and fun alternative to walking. Get the riding basics down and start enjoying your new toy.

Grab the handlebars, face forward and place your left foot on the deck (board) of the scooter, leaving your right foot on the ground until you are comfortable and balanced. Reverse your foot positions if it is more comfortable to have the right foot on the deck.

Pay attention to your stance on the scooter and watch that your feet and body aren't too close to the handlebars. This is dangerous because of the lack of weight distribution over the length of the deck. One bump and you might be in for it.

Place one foot slightly ahead of the other when riding. Both feet should be pointed forward, with your body weight kept back slightly.

Push off with your right foot and start "kicking" the ground to build up speed. This is the same motion used to propel a skateboard. After you have some speed, place the right foot on the deck behind your left and enjoy the ride.

Steer your scooter just as you would a bicycle: by turning the handlebars (which turn the front wheel) in the direction you want to go, and by leaning slightly into the turn.

Stop in one of three ways. Stop kicking with your back foot and slow to a halt, drag your foot along the ground to act as a brake at slower speeds, or step on the rear friction brake over the back wheel of the scooter. Some kick scooter models actually have a brake lever on the handlebar, similar to the brakes on a bike.

Practice riding the scooter in less populated areas so you can focus more on the riding and less on the obstacles around you. Most people find scooters relatively easy to master.

Watch for fellow travelers. If you're on sidewalks or walkways, make sure you can maneuver around pedestrians, bikes and small animals. Always watch for cars and opening doors; they're the surest way to cut a ride short.


  • Being out among other motorized vehicles, most of which are bigger than you, is always risky. Don't make sudden and erratic moves in high-traffic areas.
  • Wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads to minimize injuries in the event of a spill.
  • Obey the rules of the road.

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