How to Retract a Camper Awning

Most RVs come with an awning. They expand your living space and provide shade on sunny days and a dry area on wet days. You can sit under the awning with your favorite drink and watch the sunset, or you could use the space under the awning for extra storage for bikes and other gear. Awnings come in a large variety of colors and designs. Yet there are only two major RV awning manufacturers, and they both work similarly.

Undo the pull down strap.

Loosen the tension off the tension arm latch and lower it to the stop.

Hold the awning rod tightly with a tight grasp on the strap. Push the travel latch into position for rolling it up.

Hold the strap tightly in your hand and unlock the spring lock.

Hold the strap in one hand and the awning rod in the other hand. Hold the awning tube and slide the strap to the middle of the tube.

Allow the awning to retract into travel position.

Hook the strap with the awning hook and let the awning retract slowly until it is completely retracted.

Position the upper latch in position to travel. Tighten both of the plastic travel knobs.


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